Acumen’s mission, from the beginning, has been protecting you and your loved ones. Through human-centered designs and cutting edge technologies, Acumen is focused on building the best in-vehicle devices that truly elevate your driving experience and capture your safety. Acumen challenges the definition of traditional dashcams, by fusing innovative safety features with leading imaging performance. With the headquarters based in Los Angeles, USA, and two manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China, and Hanoi, Vietnam, we are devoted to making the road a safer place.

Our Story

Imagine a young girl sitting alone in the wake of a car accident, the lone survivor. Her parents and brother are gone yet she does not cry. She was a shell of a body, a lifeless doll. The accident was caused by a simple mistake. The car in front of them did not see her family in their blind spot before changing lanes, causing them to collide when they changed lines.

The founder of Acumen Inc, Joseph learned about this tragedy in a Lions Clubs International event focusing on the recovery of PTSD victims. This story deeply impacted Joseph because he had a daughter around the same age and cannot fathom how horrible it would be if these horrible things happen to her. As Joseph dug deeper into the cause of car accidents, he found that 99% of all car accidents could have been prevented if drivers paid a bit more attention or looked more carefully before they took action.

That is when the idea of designing technology-enriched, and safety-driven dash cams started sprouting in his mind. In 2015, Joseph decided to make it a life mission and established Acumen Inc, the first big step in completing his life’s mission. Joseph hopes that with the help of modern technologies, fewer accidents like the little girl has experienced would happen again in this world.