Device Firmwares

How to update and install device firmware

  1. Download and locate the firmware file SD_CarDV.bin on your computer.
  2. Place the included micro SD car into the usb card reader. Making sure that the SD card is oriented in the same direction as the picture printed on the card reader. The micro SD card should be plugged all the way in the card reader. Please make sure that you backed up the contents in your SD card as it will be formatted and contents within the SD card will be deleted.
  3. Locate the SD card on your computer. Should appear in My computer, This PC or Locations for Mac.
  4. Unzip the and drag and drop the file title SD_CarDV.bin into the SD card folder.
  5.  Lastly plug the micro SD card back into the Acumen Digital Mirror and power on the mirror to start the update automatically!

XR10 Firmware

Please contact customer service to get the correct corresponding firmware file.  Follow the steps above to complete a firmware update.