Acumen M3 Plus Mirror Dash Cam


Acumen M3 Plus Mirror DVR features 3-camera recording, WDR-enhanced Video quality, GPS logging system, parking mornitoing and blind spot reduction.

  • 3 channel 1080p Full HD recording: All three cameras records in 1080p. Live footage view. Toggle between different camera view with a simple swipe on the digital screen
  • License plate mount: M3 Plus comes with a license plate mount that can easily be mounted on the front license plate and provides a clear view in front of the tires.
  • GPS Logging System: M3 Plus Mirror DVR (MDVR) with a GPS logger. The GPS logger allows you to record accurate driving data such as driving speed and location information. You would be able to view dashcam footage and GPS track playback simultaneously.
  • WiFi Direct & App Connectivity: Wi-Fi Direct enables M3 Plus Mirror DVR (MDVR) to transfer footages to mobile devices through our application AcumenCam, now available on the App Store and Google Play Store!
  • G-sensor and parking mode: Automatically locks the footage if external force is detected. And if hardwired to the vehicle’s battery, M3 can give your vehicle 24hr protection.
  • Windshield mount (optional): needs to purchase separately.
  • Headrest mount (optional): needs to purchase separately

What’s in the package?

  • M3 Plus Mirror DVR (MDVR)
  • Sony WDR Camera
  • 1080p Camera
  • GPS Antenna
  • 20ft Camera Cable
  • 32ft Rear Cam Cable
  • Hardwire Kit
  • User Manual
  • 64GB SD Card
  • SD Card Reader
  • Wire Cutter

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Warranty: 1 Year