M4 Mirror Dash Cam


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Acumen M4 Mirror DVR features 3-camera(optional) recording, WDR-enhanced Video quality, GPS logging system, parking mornitoing and blind spot reduction.

  • [3 channel 1080p Full HD recording]: All three cameras records in 1080P. Live footage view. Toggle between different camera view with a simple swipe on the digital screen
  • [GPS Logging System]: M4 Mirror Dash Cam comes with a GPS logger. The GPS antenna that allows you to record accurate driving data such as driving speed and location information. You would be able to view dashcam footage and GPS track playback simultaneously.
  • [WiFi Direct & App Connectivity]: Wi-Fi Direct enables M4 Mirror Dash Cam to transfer footages to mobile devices through our application AcumenCam, now available on the App Store and Google Play Store!
  • [G-sensor and parking mode]: Automatically locks the footage if an incident is detected. And if hardwired the mirror dash cam to the vehicle’s fuse box, M4 Mirror Dash Cam will provide 24hr surveillance to your vehicle.

What’s in the package?

  • M4 Mirror DVR (MDVR)
  • 1080P WDR Rear Camera
  • 1080P WDR 3rd Camera(optional)
  • 18ft 3rd Camera Cable(optional)
  • GPS Antenna
  • 32ft Rear Cam Cable
  • Hardwire Kit
  • User Manual
  • 64GB SD Card
  • SD Card Reader
  • Wire Cutter
This item: M4 Mirror Dash Cam

Warranty: 1 Year

3 Lens Full HD Rearview Mirror Dashcam

SONY Sensor WDR Enchanced Rear Camera

Capturing details in ultra-low light during nighttime and even in the dark road ahead of you is something we understand well. With Its F1.8 Large Aperture, 6-Glass and 155° Wide Angle Lens captures more light which is processed by its ultra low light SONY STARVIS sensor ensures super night vision video in clear details even during night time.

WDR – Wide Dynamic Range

When we are driving on the road, we can’t pick and choose if the sun is directly in the field of view or in the opposite direction.
When the sun is directly exposing the camera the picture will be overexposed (lighter image) and when in opposite direction it will underexpose the image (darker image). So how to overcome and make one robust image so it does not loose it’s details regardless of various light exposures?
That is when the WDR feature of XR10 4K comes to play. By having WDR feature you will get one beautiful robust clearer image regardless of various light conditions.


Why Choose Digital Rear View Mirror ?

Acumen Digital Rearview Mirror Dashcam greatly increases the driver’s field of view to 155° which is three times wider than conventional rearview mirrors. The 155˚ wide-angle lens ensures the driver’s safety by reducing rear blind spots while on the road and while backing into parking spots. With a digital rearview mirror installed, rear vision is no longer obstructed by C pillars, backseat passengers, or packed items in the cargo area. The anti-glare screen automatically filters out blinding lights, providing crystal clear view of the road in different lighting conditions .