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The Legend Panel is a compact, digital, and water-resistant switch panel power system that provides up to 125 amps of continuous power with 8 circuits, including programming options such as strobing, flashing, auto power-up, and more. The kit includes over 110 switch icon options for customization and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Additionally, it comes with a Bluetooth transmitter to operate the system through a wireless device via the AcumenBox app.

This item: The Legend Panel
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Warranty: 1 Year

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The Legend Panel is a compact, digital, solid-state switch panel power system(together with AcumenBox) , capable of flowing 125 amps of continuous power. With a total of eight circuits, six rated at 20 amps each and two rated at 40 amps each, you can power all types of 12-volt accessories. The Legend Panel is COMPLETELY SEALED metal housing, water resistant, with high definition 4inch IPS touch screen, but measures only 3”x5”. Programming options include Strobing, Flashing, Group Function, Auto Power-Up, Momentary, Battery/Ignition input, and a multitude of other options. The kit also includes over 110 switch icon options in settings, so you can customize the Legend Panel to your specific accessory setup. THERE IS NO BULKY RELAY BOX with our kit, as we utilize technology that allows us to control each circuit with a microprocessor. The compact design of the Legend Panel makes it easy to find a convenient mounting location, it can be mounted horizontally or vertically. This switch system also includes a Bluetooth transmitter, which allows you to program and operate your system from any wireless device through our AcumenBox App.