XR10 4K

4K Ultra HD Mirror Dash Cam

XR10 4K Digital rearview mirror
XR10 4K digital rearview mirror

Mirror Dash Cams is the Future of Car Safety

Wi-Fi Direct
Wi-Fi Direct enables the XR10 4K to transfer footages to mobile devices through our application AcumenCam, now available on the App Store and Google Play Store!

Built In Dash Camera
Featuring 4K front camera recording and 1080p rear camera recording. Safeguarding the driver with crucial evidence when an accident occurs.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

Without WDR

Bright lights and high beams coming from rear traffic can blind you when driving at night.

Dash Cam without WDR Dash Camera with WDR

With WDR

XR10 4K’s WDR enhanced rear camera helps balance the lighting in your video. It digitally brightens too-dark areas and dims too-bright areas, reducing strains on your eyes during long night drives.

Drive Safe,

Drive With Acumen

Reduce Blindspot
With a wider field of vision the rear camera reduces blind spots on both sides of the vehicle. Giving the driver greater confidence when changing lanes.

Time Lapse Recording
Continuous recording even after you shut off your engine. Once a hardwire kit is used time lapse mode captures up to 24 hours of footage while protecting your car's battery.

Acumen XR10 4K Digital Rearview Mirror

Download Footages

Download footages on to your mobile devices without having to remove the SD card.


Share your dashcam footage from your mobile device.

Accident Ready

Filter between emergency and normal footages as well as browse between camera and phone storage.

Simple and Intuitive

The XR10 4K provides a Convenient way to access your footage

Wi-Fi Direct

With the AcumenCam App you can view your footages on your mobile phone by connecting to the XR10 Plus via Wi-Fi Direct.

Reduce Blindspots

Rearview mirror paired with a powerful back up camera greatly reduce blind spots when reversing and changing lanes.

Unobstructed Rearview

Rear vision is no longer blocked by C pillars, passengers, or items in cargo areas.

Night Vision

Anti-glare display reduce the effects blinding headlights when driving at night.


Offers clear view of rear traffic even when your rear windshield is covered with rain or snow.

Easy to Install

Use the included rubber straps to instantly mount over your factory mirror or purchase a rearview mirror bracket mount for a factory look.


  • Wi-Fi Direct Enabled
  • Viewing Angle: 160˚
  • Recording frame rate: 30fps
  • Time Lapse Recording Feature at 5 fps
  • Time lapse duration up to 24 hours


  • Hardwire Kit
  • GPS Antenna
  • 32 Feet Rear Camera Cable
  • 64 GB SD Memory Card
  • SD Card Reader
  • Rubber band Mounting Solution

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